Story of the Eccentric Raw Food Health Nut, Who Was Embarrassed Because He Still Suffered With Colds Twice a Year... Until 4 Years Ago When He Accidentally Discovered a "Miracle Nutrient" That Stops Colds and Flus Dead in Their Tracks 99.6% of the Time
Imagine this... There's a virulent flu epidemic and everyone in your family is in bed sick with the flu and yet no matter how much you touch, hug or kiss them you NEVER, EVER get sick

Or... You're a doctor treating hundreds of patients who come to you with colds, flus and their more deadly complications and yet for years on end you never get so much as a sniffle.
Dear Friend,

My name is Roger Haeske, and I have not suffered with a cold or flu in over 3.5 years. And I've not been sick with the flu in over 20 years.

But I'm actually getting ahead of myself.

I've been teaching people about the healing, youth restoring, energy and happiness increasing and the beautifying benefits of our natural diet... the Raw Food Diet, for more than 15 years now.

(NOTE: I tell you this because it is relevant to the story, however you absolutely do NOT need to eat a Raw Food Diet to defeat colds and flus, as did hundreds of people in the examples I'll be sharing with you below.) 
Roger Haeske the Eternal Teeanajer

"World leader in Raw Food Diet, Anti-Aging and No-Equipment Fitness Training"
Now some of my “friends” think my diet is on the extreme or eccentric side. They couldn't imagine giving up their best friend “cooked food” for the rest of their lives. 

But  even though I was following the best diet in the world, I had an embarrassing problem. 

The problem was that when you're a natural health teacher or "guru" people judge you by your overall looks and health. And when it comes to the Raw Food Diet, it's the worst because people expect you to be almost perfect. 
Aren't Raw Foodists Never Supposed to Catch a Cold?
Many newbie raw foodists are told the lie that once you go 100% raw you'll never again catch a cold. I used to believe that myself in the early days of being 100% raw.

But when I did catch a cold (on average that happened about one or two times a year) it caused me an embarrassing problem. How could I go out in public or even do a teleseminar when it was obvious I had a cold?

And I did face that situation a couple of times.

Quite frankly I was embarrassed to publicly spread the raw food message whenever I had any cold symptoms. And unfortunately I still got colds even though I was eating a 100% raw diet.

Now the great news was that by eating a balanced Raw Food Diet it did bring me some rather big benefits in the cold and flu department. (Just keep in mind that what I'm about to share with you does NOT at all require you to eat a Raw Food Diet.) 
I Haven't Caught the Flu in Over 20 Years Now
For one thing I have not had the flu in over 20 years now.

And when I did catch colds they were much less intense than in the past. When you eat a pure diet, the toxins go down to next to nothing.

Therefore your body produces a lot less mucus.

Hence, when I did get colds, the mucus production seemed to be about 50 to 75% less than when I used to eat cooked food.

And overall the colds were more tolerable.

The symptoms less intense. The fevers lower, the coughing less etc.

But it still it made my life very uncomfortable whenever I got a cold. And I definitely lost productive work time due to suffering from colds.

After all of the steps I took to master my health I was still being beaten by the common cold and honestly it sucked.

Especially because “I wasn't supposed to get sick.”

Yah, I know that's bull-donkey crap now but back in the day...
How I Accidentally Found the Answer
Now a little over 4 years ago I was doing some research on a completely different health topic. And while I was reading I ran into incredibly valuable research or studies.

I found out about the stunning powers of a certain nutrient that had seemingly miraculous powers.

For one thing this nutrient beefed up the immune system to elite Navy Seal and Green Beret capacity. That's why I call it the “Super Immunity Nutrient” or SIN for short.

There where a number of studies done where they found that people who had more of this nutrient in their body would be virtually immune to catching colds, flus and upper respiratory infections like bronchitis and pneumonia.

But it turns out it really did a LOT more than that.

For instance... up to 50 different diseases were correlated with a deficiency of this nutrient.

It even turns out that people who are overweight are almost Universally low in this nutrient.

And you know what?

The vast majority of people in the Western World are deficient in this nutrient. And it's largely because the Medical Mafia purposely scares people off in multiple ways from getting enough of this in their bodies.

Big Pharma and the Medical Mafia know that one of their big gravy trains would be toast if the general public knew the truth about one of the most critical  nutrients in the human body.

Did you know that Americans spend over 40 billion dollars per year on cold remedies and or further help from doctors when they get colds, flus and the resulting complications?

What I'm about to propose to you would INSTANTLY wipe out that 40 billion dollar a year cash cow because...
There Really is a Virtually Fail-Proof Antidote
to the Common Cold and Flu
 After close to 4 years of being immune to the common cold I find it so weird to hear my friends saying how they couldn't do this or that because they caught a nasty bug.

And so many times I have tried to help people who I follow online who would tell their audience that they're down with the flu but they don't even respond back to me.

They have simply no clue what they're missing.

How about never again suffering in bed for days on end with a cold or flu. Total immunity or Flummunity.

I was willing to give them the solution that would have helped them “free of charge” and their families for the rest of their lives.

But it's obvious these people didn't believe me.

They likely thought I was another one of those health wackos. Not knowing that I have the real goods not another old wives tale cold remedy that doesn't work for most people.

Yes what I have found out works for at least 99% of population. It has worked for some of my friends who've tried it and it has worked for my family too.

We just don't get colds anymore because we know the simple things to do.

The problem is that most people are highly skeptical of any person claiming a cure for the common cold.

Because you hear it all of the time in the news and from friends that someone else has found a cure for the common cold and yet their “cures” never seem to work at all.
Everyone Knows There's No Cure for the Common Cold, Right?
After all, everyone knows there's no cure for the common cold right?

Or is there?

Now as I said, I know you may be skeptical but so was I.

I've heard about a ton of natural cold remedies in my day. Even long before I ever got into the amazing world of raw food nutrition.

I remember my friends would get all excited about some new cold cure they just heard about and they gladly shared that information with me. Some would even swear it works for them every time.

And yet each new home remedy I tried gave me pretty much the same results.
Here are just some of the cold remedies I tried:
  • I tried mega doses of vitamin C, made famous by Linus Pauling at the first sign of a cold. (That didn't work even once, out of the several times I tried it in the early 1980's at the first sign of cold symptoms. Plus all of that vitamin C gave me a stomach ache, diarrhea and weird bodily sensations.)

  • I tried drinking echinacea tea at the first symptoms of a cold. (It didn't work at all. I got a full blown cold anyway every time I tried it. Yet some people I knew were totally raving about the absolute power of echinacea tea to stop colds. Bullshit!)
  • I tried taking zinc lozenges. They were all the rave at the time. (Again the same result, the cold or flu hit me like a ton of bricks anyway, with no lessening of the symptoms whatsoever.)

  • I even tried chicken soup. (When I was a boy my mother made me chicken soup during one of my long colds to try and help me but to no avail.) 
So as you can see I had plenty of reasons to be skeptical about finding a REAL way to defeat the common cold each and every time. For even at 45 years of age and eating the healthiest diet on the planet, being in great shape and taking supreme care of myself, I was still suffering the ravages of colds.

And maybe you're just as skeptical as me about yet another new fangled natural cold and flu remedy.

I mean if a stranger came up to you on the street all excited and claiming he had a virtually fail-proof cure for the common cold, you almost certainly wouldn't believe him.
You'd Likely Want Proof
Well I'm about to give you some...

Imagine having two children who used to get colds several times a year and now they don't get any. Or if they do start to show cold or flu symptoms you know exactly what to do so that within about 30 minutes all of their symptoms start going away.

That's right... My children have never gotten a cold so long as they had enough of the “Super Immunity Nutrient”. Or if they felt cold symptoms coming on they would use the “Emergency 30-Second Procedure” and that would cancel out the cold symptoms usually in 20 to 30 minutes.

Yes this “Super Immunity Nutrient” actually supercharges your immune system so that it can slay cold and flu viruses with ease. It's like bringing a machine gun to a boxing match. The machine gun kills the cold and flu viruses as if it were child's play.

Now while this SIN has worked great for me, my family and some friends that's not the only proof I have. Far from it.

I have some astonishing outside evidence of the flu busting power of the “Super Immunity Nutrient”.

This SIN has slayed the flu bug for hundreds of people in hospital settings who  don't even know what a Raw Food Diet is. So remember, don't think you have to be a raw foodist for this to work.
For example...
In one case a mental ward psychiatrist with over 30 patients under his care was surprised to find that none of them caught the flu even though the wards below him, to the right, left and across from him had all been quarantined due to a flu outbreak.

And what makes this more interesting is that his patients had recently mingled with the prisoners who did come down with the flu. About 10% of the prisoners in the other wards surrounding his came down with the flu in spite of the quarantine yet none of his patients got sick at all.

Why did his patients have seeming immunity to the flu?

I'll get to that in a minute but first another case from an institutional setting which is even more remarkable.
Why Less Than One Out of 100 of Long Term Care Patients Caught The Flu During a Flu Outbreak
In this case is a situation in a long term care hospital. All of the patients were prescribed the Super Immunity Nutrient.

And there was a flu outbreak at that hospital. Out of over 270 patients only one came down with the flu. Yes that's right less than one percent (.4% to be accurate) came down with the flu. Or 99.6% of the patients were flu free during this outbreak.

Yet over 100 of the 800 hospital staff members did catch the flu. In other words, about 13 out of every 100 staff members caught the flu. 
Why such a radical difference?
In both cases it happened because the patients were being given the “Super Immunity Nutrient” in a high enough dose to make a difference.

And in both instances these stunning results were reported to the CDC or similar US medical agency for further investigation but what do you think happened?

They completely ignored these findings and did no further research to see if maybe there really was a cure for the flu and common cold. Because in reality they didn't want to know about such a cure. It wouldn't make them any money.

This is astonishing anecdotal evidence that you'll never see reported on in the mainstream media. For the doctors and drug companies would lose untold billions of dollars if this secret were made widely known.

Surprise, surprise... the Medical Mafia doesn't want to reveal a cure for the common cold. They already have the data in studies done decades ago about the awesome healing power of SIN. It's so powerful in fact, that they have created multiple programs for decades now to scare global citizens off this nutrient.

So of course, when an inexpensive, safe and simple solution is discovered, the Medical Mafia totally ignores it because their real agenda is not to heal but to gain power and profit.
Now as absolutely amazing as those anti-flu results were, my improved and expanded “Flummunity Two” system
is far more powerful.

Because in the original Flummunity Protocol we have two other steps that these hospitals didn't use or even consider. Flummunity is a simple three step process with step # 1 involving the “Super Immunity Nutrient.” I gleamed these two other flu devastating concepts by hard won experience and experimentation over the last 15 years while being a raw foodist.

Being on a Raw Food Diet gives you unique insights that simply aren't possible if you're still eating cooked food. But don't worry, as I said before, none of these other two steps require you to be a raw foodist.

Now it gets even better... in the hospital examples above they didn't even use the “30-Second Emergency” procedure with their patients at the first sign of the flu outbreak. And that procedure is so powerful that it often reverses cold and flu symptoms in as little as 20 to 30-minutes.

How do I know?

Because I've used it myself many times. And usually within 20 to 30-minutes any cold symptoms I had vanished. And it's not just my own use but with my children and family as well.

We've found the “Emergency 30-Second Procedure” is potent virus slayer.

Plus in my experience over the past 4+ years, I've learned through trial and error  that the doses of SIN given in the hospital were way too low to guarantee cold and flu immunity.
And That's Only Just the Beginning...
The original three step Flummunity Protocol and the "Super Immunity Nutrient" information isn't the only thing you get inside the expanded Flummunity Two.

No... That's just the first virus devastating system!

In the new and improved Flummunity Two, I've added two more unusual methods to wipe out colds and flus that you likely ever heard of.

The first method is called the Virus Vanquisher. Now in the alternative health world a number of people know of this method. But most of these people have no idea that this also kills cold and flu viruses so effectively.

And there are at least 11 other amazing health benefits you'll discover once you start using the Virus Vanquisher. This letter to you is already getting long so I won't get into the details here.

All I can say is that you will save a boatload of money on your future healthcare costs as a result. And your life will be a lot more pleasant because you found a secret to avoid many serious health problems that plague most people in our modern world.

For me personally the Virus Vanquisher has totally changed my life and that's not even including the fact that it stomps all over cold and flu viruses with ease.

The second method is super simple to do, dirt cheap and safe. Now I must admit, I don't have much personal experience with this method. However, I found out from a famous MD who uses this technique with his patients, that it stops colds and flus about 80% of the time with his patients.

And you take it at the first sign of cold or flu symptoms. It's not a preventative technique. It works after you've already become infected.

Now I don't know about you but 80% stoppage is a ton better than all of the other “natural” cold remedies I tried in the past that had a zero percent effectiveness for me.

And the great news is that this super easy treatment costs less than 3 cents and you can do it in 10 minutes. Plus it doesn't require taking any supplements or changing your diet in any way whatsoever.

Better yet, I discovered a really cool side benefit the first time I used this method that will save me money in the future because now I won't have to buy a product that is at least 20 times as expensive.

In other words, this third cold and flu remedy does double duty in solving a different problem related to your ears that people run into from time to time.

Now the best news is that you can safely combine all three cold and flu busting methods of Flummunity Two at the same time, to give you comprehensive immunity to colds and flus for the rest of your life. 
And you can forever avoid these cold remedy “side effects” of over the counter 'drug' cold remedies?
  • Drowsiness
  • Dry throat and mouth
  • Liver damage (If you take too much acetaminophen)
  • Blood pressure spikes
  • Irregular heartbeat
  • This list goes on and on as there are a boatload of dangerous side effects.
(Not to mention that even after taking these “remedies” you still have the cold and usually feel just as bad anyway.)
Here's Just a Taste of the Results You'll Get Once You Step Inside the Flummunity Members Area:
  • How to beat colds and flus to a pulp without taking antihistamines, cough syrup, aspirin, vitamin C, chicken soup, herbal teas, drugs or any medicine whatsoever.

  • Discover a totally legal and cheap way to get hundreds of potent antibiotics without a prescription. (Even better yet, these are smart antibiotics that don't kill healthy bacteria “like typical antibiotics prescribed by a doctor do” just the invading microbes that don't belong there.)

  • What 3 foods you should never eat if you want to avoid catching colds and flus. (When you eat these flu feeding foods you may double your chances of getting sick because they overload the body with toxins and create an internal body ecology that dangerous microbes thrive on.)

  • Discover the food that scientists have proven to be antibacterial, antifungal and antiviral over 40 years ago. (And yet you will never hear a discussion of its healing properties on the mainstream media.)

  • Got a scratchy throat? This thirty second emergency treatment stops cold & flu symptoms within 20 to 30-minutes.

  • Find out about the biggest – and maybe most common hygienic mistake that increases your chance of catching a cold or flu big time. (This has nothing to do not touching door handles or shaking someone's hand. You'll learn the quick 60-second fix inside.)

  • Get enough of this common nutrient and its co-nutrient in your body & be virtually immune to colds and flus.

  • Learn the right way to use the “Super Immunity Nutrient” so that you become virtually immune to colds and flus. (The problem is that 99% of most folks who do take it don't know what they're doing and therefore don't get the cold killing benefits.)

  • And finally you'll discover two raw & vegan friendly ways to get in the “Super Immunity Nutrient” without taking supplements.
You Won't Find This Collection of Cold and Flu-Busting Information Anywhere, at Any Price
The reason for that is because I've been personally testing the concepts in Flummunity for the last 20 years.

Remember, I've not had a flu in over 20 years.

And there's a very specific reason for that. It didn't happen by chance.

However, my big breakthrough with quashing colds started over 4 years ago with the information I accidentally found out about the “Super Immunity Nutrient”. Granted this is information you could find elsewhere if you knew where to look.

But who wants to spend hundreds of hours trying to find the needle in the haystack when I have it all for you here ready to use now.

On top of that. I've made some adjustments to what I originally learned in my research.

In other words, the original advice didn't always work as planned. I had to make adjustments to it. Which I was able to make due to having extensive knowledge in the field of nutrition.

I have tested and distilled the most potent flu fighting and cold killing information on myself and my family so that you don't have to.

I've also combined information from three different fields and or sources. And one of those sources had little to do with fighting colds and flus.

By combining all of these disparate sources of information I've been able to develop a unique and foolproof system that knocks out colds and flus with ease. 
What Do You Get Inside Flummunity Two?
I'm offering the information (and only information) of what you need to do to never get a cold or flu again.

There is a supplement you can buy separately that is discussed in step number one of the 3-steps of the Flummunity Protocol. However I also provide a couple of alternative methods of getting in that nutrient without the need for taking supplements. Including vegan and raw vegan friendly ways.
Flummunity Audio Course
You'll get 9 tracks or downloadable mp3 audios.
Flummunity Course Transcripts
The complete written file transcript of those audios. Which comes in instantly downloadable PDF file format.
The Virus Vanquisher 
You'll also receive the Virus Vanquisher special report in written and downloadable PDF format that outlines two powerful cold and flu fighting methods that actually work.
And if you have any questions you'll be able to post them in the member's area.

The program itself reveals my proven 3-step Flummunity protocol and the Virus Vanquisher for never getting a cold or flu again. It's pretty simple to do.

Now since I know that it may be a while before you would normally catch your next cold or flu I've decided to do something unusual to give you 100% confidence in your decision. 
Prove It To Yourself 365 Day Money Back Guarantee
Most adults get about 2 colds per year, therefore I've decided to give you a full year to test out the power of Flummunity Two. That way you'll have a chance to  prove to yourself if it works or not.

But don't be surprised if this following year you don't notice any cold or flu symptoms at all. However, even if you do start to have some early symptoms now you can do something to kill cold and flu viruses before they reek havoc on your body and ruin a week or two out of your precious year. That's by using either “30-Second  Emergency Procedure, or the Virus Vanquisher or the third cold and virus killing technique inside Flummunity Two.

And remember you can safely combine all three of these techniques at a time with none of the dangerous side effects of over the counter cold and flu remedies that don't actually stop colds or flus.

In the unlikely event that Flummunity Two doesn't stop colds and flus dead in their tracks each and every time, then just send me a quick email to support ( at ) superbeing ( dot ) com and I'll give you a fast and courteous refund.

Remember you have a full year or 365 days to put Flummunity Two to the test with you and your family. 
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Roger Haeske
The Eternal Teanajer

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